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 Unsolved Mysteries Bizarre Murders (4 Disk Set)

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PostSubject: Unsolved Mysteries Bizarre Murders (4 Disk Set)   Sat Mar 31, 2007 5:18 pm

info:An excellent series with many interesting stories. Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack.
Disk 1:Colorado Cop Killers- Story of a police officer who was shot and killed
by 3 suspects brandishing automatic weapons. Gives an Update for the
Boston Strangler II- The case of serial killer Albert DeSalvo know as
the former Boston Strangler- Was he the real killer or his former
cellmate? Discover the truth.
Texas Most Wanted- Story of a man named Edward Bell who did
inappropriate things to children then shot to death a man who tried to
intervene. When released on bail, he fled. Episode comes with a update.
Trailer Terror- About a murder/shooting of parents and child/and her
friend in a oklahoma trailer. The trailer was set on fire- girls bodies
were never found. Did the girls flee or were they abducted?
Bad Chief- Story of Greg Webb, whos wanted for the murder of his former girlfriend. He was arrested by the FBI.
Marie Hilley- Marie was a pillar of the community In Alabama. Perfect
wife and mother. Neigbors were shocked to discover she had been
secretely poisoning her family with arsenic. Interesting story.
Journalist's Murder- story of a journalist found dead in a bathtub of a
hotel. They thought it was suicide. Though many believe he was killed
for investigating a secret cabal of government.
Disk 2
Scared To Death- About a woman found dead from a heroine overdose and
bound/hands behind back. Psychiatrist said she suffered from multiple
personality disorder and one of these ( personalities) killed her. Her
father and many others disagree.
Murdered Heiress- Sory of Greg Siner , a dog breeder and his companion
Gardner. Few months after moving in Siner noticed a strange smell
coming from the septic system. They found a skull- of the heiress. Who
killed Camilla and why?
Unicorn's Secret- Story of Counter Culture Hero Ira Einhorn- convicted
of murdering his ex girlfriend. Comes with an update of the case.
Womens Prison Killing- Disapearance of a prison guard/ deals with corruption inside a California Prison.
Skull Duggery- Patrons at a restraunt notice a skull in the bushes.
Police said the skull was of (recent origin) and female. They try to
find out who did it.
Backyard Bones- Story of a woman who took a break from her job at dept
of human resources and never returned. Police recieved a tip that her
bones were buried in the backyard. They surely found bones after
searching, but they werent Monikas. Whos where they and where is
Monika?- Later searches uncovered many diff peoples bones including
fragments of Monicas. Interesting story.
World Leaders- Case studies of dibabolical minds like Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Pol Pot and more.
Burning Bed- A concerned friend stopped by Megans house late one night.
He could sense somthing was wrong. There was a strange man in the
apartment behind Megan. Megan said everything was alright, 2 hrs later
the apartment was on fire and Megan dead.
Disk 3
Mistake Hit- story of a journalist threatened by Mob Figures in
Arizona. He Lived across the street from a man who was murdered. They
think it was a mistake hit.
Friends to the End- Story of 2 teenagers in the late 80s who were run
over by a train. First ruled an accident, later thought they were
murdered and placed on the tracks.
Whistle Blown- about a nuclear plant employee whos remains were found
in the plants furnace. Some say he took his own life. His family
maintains he was murdered to prevent him from blowing the whistle on
safety violations and illegal radioactive dumping.
Richards Rampage- Story of a woman who called it off with her ex.
Richard then killed her parents and attacked the family and Colleen the
ex girlfriend. Comes with an Update.
Plane Crash Sabotage- members of the us armys elite 101st airborne unit
were killed in a plane crash. Almost immediately someone left a message
from the Islamic Jihad. US Government has sealed the investigation.
Families are wondering what happened.
Burned Evidence- Unexplained murder of an oregon orchard farmer. After found in his bed police ordered evidence to be destroyed.
Jesse James Hollywood- about a drug crew kidnapping the debtors minor
stepbrother, holding him for ransom. Sad ending. Jesse is still at
Two Mary Murders- 2 ladies both found murdered with the same name.
Could the first Mary have died mistakenly at the hand of a contract
killer?- who corrected his error 3 days later.
Disk 4
Bordello Murders- 2 prostitutes found murdered at a massage parlor.
Owner claimed in exhange for free services certain members of the local
police allowed the bordello to stay open.
Campus Murder Exposed- Journalism student murdered after she began
working on a expose about a date rape that occured on campus. With an
Dakotas Double Death- Story of 3 young friends who got into a car
accident one night. One was left behind in the car by the other 2 and
for 3 months there were no signs of the couple. In 1993 their bodies
were found floating 75 feet from the crash site yet when the accident
originally occured they searched the whole area, found nothing. Both
the bodies were found in diffrent states of decomposition.
Margo Freshwater- convicted murderer running from the law. Update included.
Zodiac/Unabomber story- Speculation that the Zodiac Killer is also the The Unabomber. The same person. Very interesting.
The Other Intern- Story of the washingston interns who disapeared and
were found murdered. Chandra Levy and 2 others who they claim had a
connection to the case. Might be same killer.
Social Security Murder- story of a couple who killed boyfriends own sister to get social secuirty benefits plus another person.
Civil Rights Murders- in 1965 2 black members of the washington parish
police department are gunned down while on duty in louisiana. They were
the only black members of the police department. Klan is suspected.
Campus Calamity- Story of a 18 yr old who started recieving threatening
phone calls while on campus. Parents recieved phone call from someone
who said they know exactly what happened to their son. Soon after that
Bryans foot was found on a beach. No other remains were found. Was it
murder,an accident or a suicide?

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Unsolved Mysteries Bizarre Murders (4 Disk Set)
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