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 Snoop Dogg Talk About Dr. Dre And More

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PostSubject: Snoop Dogg Talk About Dr. Dre And More   Sat Mar 31, 2007 11:08 am

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre get into some really deep subject matter on the
song "Imagine," but imagine if the song never came out — it almost
didn't. Snoop joked recently that making the track wasn't as easy as
you might think.

had to basically fight him, get in a sword fight with him, a 12 o'clock
shootout," Snoop smiled. "Then when I got the song from him, he called
me the last couple of days before the record was coming out and said,
'I don't like the record and I don't want it to come out.' Come on,

Snoop said his camp was eventually able to convince Dre to
let the record drop. "I understand what he's saying," Snoop clarified
about his former mentor's hesitancy. "He's getting ready for his
record. 'I'm not trying to let nothing out until it's my turn.' He's
not like a regular artist who can be on five or six records at one
time. If he's on a project, he's on a project. I had to go in there and
move things around, because he was actually mixing Jay-Z's record. ...
But we got it together. It's some of my greatest work. And I'm so
honored to have him on my project." ...

source- mtv
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Snoop Dogg Talk About Dr. Dre And More
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