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 The Game Attacks G-Unit, Rebirth Of The Game Vs. G-Unit Fued

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PostSubject: The Game Attacks G-Unit, Rebirth Of The Game Vs. G-Unit Fued   Mon May 28, 2007 11:09 am

Everything seemed to be going well as of late, as Young Buck and The Game were discussing a possible truce that would have ended their over 2 year feud with each other.

Then, just recently, G-Unit member Tony Yayo allegedly put his hands on, and slapped Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemonds son, just for the Czar Entertainment shirt he was wearing.The Game has officially called the make-shift truce off, recently leaking a new diss track aimed at Yayo and 50 Cent titled “Body Bags”, in defense of his manager.

He gets as vicious as possible within the song, even threatening to kidnap Yayo’s son, with bars like: “What type of bitch nigga put his hands on kids (homo) / pull up that black van on his (no) / we don’t do the kid slapping (nah) / we do the kid snatching / eyewitness, there’s been a kidnapping / feed him real good, take him to play with Harlem / sit by the phone, just wait, it’s your daddy callin’,” Game raps.

He then buries any thought of a peaceful co existence with: “Fuck the whole G-Unit,” “Who lied to Buck? / fuck Spider too, now that’s for Big Fase / I know where you counting your sheeps, I’ll have some crips wait.”

He brings it back to reality, though, letting them know this was just a warning with “We ain’t gon do sh—/ I had your crew sick / so play with them is toy guns and this is just music,”

Reports from MTV say that the song will be on his next DJ Skee hosted mixtape, “U Know What It Is” Volume 4, where he will get even more into the situation.
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The Game Attacks G-Unit, Rebirth Of The Game Vs. G-Unit Fued
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