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Lil' Alex


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PostSubject: Biografie   Fri Apr 06, 2007 5:31 am

Proceduri Aparte

Daniel and Alex, the two emcees that make up the group Proceduri Aparte
are remarkably diverse in terms of flow, pace and style. Daniel, known
for his peculiar voice and distinct unhurried pace, induces the
listener in a trance-like mood, kicking powerful punches and truthful
bits of reality. Daniel does no turning back; his rhymes come from the
soul. He dismantles the idea of an earthly utopia and ejects dense
lyrics of sharp truths plucked from his personal sphere of wordily
interaction. His use of language is not meaningless clatter but
authentic feeling and thought. Alex on the other hand, kicks back in a
more relaxed fashion, stringy punching cool lyrics, always trying to
disentangle his threads of thought and coherently modeling them into
stanzas of pure fire.
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