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Lil' Alex


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PostSubject: Biografie   Fri Apr 06, 2007 5:28 am


A hip hop clique of 2 emcees: Rogue (femcee) and Gambit (emcee and
Rogue blesses the mic with lucid smart lyrics while Gambit kicks back
with a fluent style, a true lyrical architect building up images with
the use of complex, synchronized structures. The genre for which the
two are aiming is mainly story telling rap. There're hardly any
D'strictz songs that do not feature a strong concept at the core of
their creative process. Rogue’s rhymestyle jumps from highly
descriptive, graphic, in-your-face imagery to rather abyssal and
obdurate visions and meanings while Gambit’s producing stresses the
Golden 20s of jazz age, rearranging instruments in an up-to-date modern
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